Social media and the growth of mobile devices mean that people are more than ever engaged with content online.  The most effective organizations use multiple social media channels to push out their content and spur engagement. Thus, it’s no surprise that visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared online than text-only content, and corporate videos account for around 82 percent of Internet traffic by 2022! Here are fundamental reasons you should be using video in your social media!

They Grab Attention

Corporate videos are a fantastic tool that allows you to capture users’ attention. Unlike giant paragraphs that take more time and effort to digest, they’re snackable content. You click on the social media link, and the first thing you see is a video that captures your attention and then leaves you wanting more content when it ends. 

The first few seconds of an online video are critical for capturing viewer interest. Netizens scroll through their social media feeds, and only videos that immediately grab their attention make the grade.

They Maximize Trends

It is essential to deliver relevant content to your audience. Using a corporate video gives your brand a voice. It enables it to move quickly to take advantage of news stories, consumer behavior, and any kind of relevant content that goes viral.

Innovative brands incorporate real-time techniques into their strategies by responding to trending topics such as #WednesdayWisdom and using them in campaigns. These hashtags are also relevant to many different consumer demographics, and as a brand, you want to create campaigns that spark conversation by tapping into these topics.

They Optimize Online Searches

All the content on your website should be optimized for the search engines, and your corporate videos should be no different. Social media is quickly becoming like a search engine, so you must make relevant content.

But how can you guarantee you’ll be at the top of the “popular” and “trending” list? Write compelling headlines and descriptions for your video, so it will register in searches, complementing these with relevant hashtags (the briefer the titles, the better). 

Various online tools offer in-depth analytics for every hashtag, detailing key demographics providing a great base to optimize your search. Tags allow you to boost your search results on YouTube and Facebook.

They Streamline Conversions

No matter what kind of social media you post, you should always have a goal for your corporate video. This usually requires user action, whether driving traffic to your website, purchasing a product, or sharing content. A call to action is your virtual handshake with your viewers. If they’ve watched a video all the way through, they have demonstrated interest.

You need to direct them to take the desired action, such as “click here” or “visit online to find out more.” It’s one thing to create compelling content, but it’s vital to work that content and drive conversions.

They’re Unique Messaging

A corporate video doesn’t work like text; you can’t send your audience on a wild goose chase and possibly lose them forever because you had extra information for them. If you didn’t need to include something in the video, consider taking it out. Your followers will get bored if you try to add something else. A call to action is like a greeting: you need to address it before you can start the actual conversation. 


Corporate video content allows you to have an actual conversation with your audience. Even if it sounds one-sided, you can better voice and explain key points. Since this type of content is audiovisual, customers will better grasp what you communicate. Plus, there’s always the comments section if ever they need clarification. Just be sure your social media team gives prompt replies to turn more leads into sales! 

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