Why Video Marketing is Crucial for The Success of Any Business

Any strategic-thinking business owner knows the importance of getting ideas across to their customers. You can have a thousand brilliant ideas, but what’s crucial is how they’re presented to your audience. This is where you add video advertising to the plan.

What is Video Advertising?

Put merely, video advertising is when brands utilize commercial video production to raise their online profile. The videos can be used in almost infinite ways: for a B2B channel, for internal company awareness and awards, and for B2C, which is perhaps the most critical component. These videos are published on the brands’ social media pages and, when well done, are a powerful way to get the word about the business out there.

Video Production in your Marketing Plan

We live in a digital age, where people consume media through visual cues. Any successful business must include video advertising in its overall marketing plan because it’s an integral channel for advertising. According to Invespcro, around 81% of online businesses use video advertising now compared to last year. What’s more, 90% of consumers say that persuasive video advertising helps them make purchasing decisions. These numbers are a gold mine for any successful business!

How to Use Video Marketing

The best thing is that it’s super easy to create video advertising. The only thing you have to do is engage a skilled production company specializing in social media and web-based video advertising. We at Open Eye Studios are experts at telling your story using high-quality production, interactive techniques, and immersive content. We create videos that are tailor-made for the social platforms they will be uploaded on.

All you have to do is meet with us and present your ideas. We will take your ideas and transform them into compelling and engaging video commercials that are sure to bring in concrete results. We’re talking lead generation! All that this requires is three steps:

  • Pre-production (where we meet with you and show you what we’re thinking)
  • Production (where we use top-level equipment and direction to shoot your commercial)
  • Post-production (where we edit, color-grade and more to show you the polished result)

The Bottomline

You need to add video advertising to your plan to get ahead of the game. Once you start creating and uploading professional-grade video advertising, your consumers will start flocking to your pages. Remember show and tell? It’s the same concept, and consumers love it. Clutter-breaking, scroll-stopping video content is the way to do it!

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