How to Make Good Explainer Video (And Why They Are Important)

There are a lot of things that go into making an effective explainer video. There are crisp shots, dynamic angles, and a compelling story that sells. Creating this kind of video takes time, strategic planning, and high-tech equipment. But before you get bogged down with details, let’s look at what an explainer video is.

What is an Explainer Video, and Why is it Important?

Explainer videos are functional pieces of audiovisual content that describe a process, service, or product. So let’s say your company sells premium massage chairs. Your explainer video will feature beauty shots of the product with easy instructions on how to use it. Explainer videos are short and snappy so your viewers can absorb the information faster and stay entertained as well. They can be uploaded to your social platforms or, they can be displayed as high-quality commercials like the ones we make at OpenEye Studios.

A good explainer video will teach your audience exactly how to use your product or service in a way that allows them to retain that information. This makes them a vital part of your content marketing strategy. So, how do you make an effective explainer video?

How to Make a Good Explainer Video

Your brand’s explainer video is essentially an elevator pitch to your customers. You want them to be in and out but be immersed while they watch it. They should leave with a clear idea of what your product and service does and how it does it. Here’s how it’s made.

  1. It starts with the script. We at OpenEye Studios believe in writing engaging and informative scripts for top-quality commercials. The script features an overview of your product or service, introduces a problem and solution, and ends with a call-to-action. This is a complete consumer journey that ends with them wanting to buy or use what you’re offering.
  2. There’s a compelling voiceover. We add a voiceover that’s appropriate for the script, according to the tone we need. It can vary from emotional, sympathetic, functional, humorous, and a lot more.
  3. Then, it’s time for production. Here’s where our team shines. A great explainer video requires excellent tech. We use industry-first cameras, microphones, and other equipment that will show the level of production. Your consumers will love how professional the video is.
  4. Edit, and it’s good to go! Any excellent video undergoes a rigorous editing process. We color-grade, balance sound, add effects, and more. Once this is done, your video comes together to showcase the best of your product or service.

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