5 Videos Your Business NEEDS

We are going to talk today about the five videos every business needs to succeed.

The time has come where people want to see things, they don’t just believe anything anymore. To see is to believe so these are five videos that you can use to grow your business.

The first video is a video business card. Every business should make this video first. It is simply a video that highlights your business and explains your why. This is not only powerful, but it also shows emotion and makes people want to work with you. You can use this resource on your website’s front page, in email signatures, social media, and more. Just having it in your back pocket is great any time you need to show your business instead of just talking about it.

The second video is a testimonial. Videos like these convert best! Throughout these videos, you have people discuss why they enjoyed working with you and their experiences. Seeing testimonials in videos is a great way to gain trust since people tend to trust other people more than the business owner who will make money from them.

Thirdly, there is Facebook Live. You are totally missing out if you aren’t going live on Facebook right now. As a result, Facebook lets you interact with your audience and be present with them. You can also interview other people from around the world, which is a great way to find your voice.

The fourth video type is sales videos so when you’re online, a salesperson will send these videos to their prospects and new clients to establish a connection, simplify complex information, and build rapport.

Finally, internal training videos are the fifth video type. These are videos to assist in automating certain processes and letting you not waste time and money by repeating yourself and letting time get wasted. This allows you to do what you are best at, and that’s running your business.

These five videos will ensure your success: Video Business Cards, Testimonials, Sales Videos, Facebook Live, and Internal Training. If you’d like to learn more about how video can help you achieve your goals in business, I encourage you to check out openeyestudios.com.

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