20 Business Problems that Video Solves

Any successful business owner knows that video marketing is ultra-important. Video marketing should be an integral part of your overall marketing plan because it solves common business problems while adding innovation. Here are 20 business problems that can be solved through Video Marketing.

  1. Getting the Word Out: You need people to know what your business is all about, what products/services you offer, and how to buy them! Explainer videos are a great way to introduce your brand, what you stand for, and what you can offer customers.
  2. Retaining Website Audiences: Many people would rather watch a quick video about something than reading long paragraphs about it. Having engaging videos on your site will keep people sticking around for longer.
  3. Interactive Digital Ads: Think about it. Have you seen a lot of brands advertise using text-based posts? No, right? That’s because video content is King and should be utilized to make interactive and eye-ball-grabbing digital ads.
  4. Stay on Trend: The last thing you want as a business is to be a dinosaur. Using video content marketing will ensure you stay on the pulse and on-trend for digital platforms!
  5. Transparency: You could rack up as many written testimonials as you want, and they will all be less effective than a video demonstrating your product or service. People want to see exactly what they are buying, and a video will do just that.
  6. More Conversions: It can be tough to push your customers down the consumer journey funnel without video marketing. Interesting and snappy videos will engage your consumers and make them want to learn more about the business.
  7. Sales Conversions: Videos don’t just result in digital conversions. Demonstration videos, for example, can push people to click “purchase” right away!
  8. Let your business do the talking: You can’t be online all the time. That’s why you put up videos to keep potential consumers entertained and interested round the clock.
  9. Play it to Platforms: Social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, both prioritize video content over other kinds. If you use video, you will get increased reach and more impressions.
  10. SEO Ranking: Here’s the one KPI all businesses strive to achieve. You want a high ranking on Google, and the fastest way to do that is by drawing bigger audiences to your site, and video content will do that for you.
  11. Smart Content Strategy: A savvy content strategy will utilize video content as a critical component. You should include it in your overall business or marketing plan to hit the KPIs you need.
  12. Small Budget, No Problem: Many business owners think they can’t do video marketing because of low budgets. However, this isn’t true. You can start small and continue expanding your video output as you go along.
  13. Influencer Marketing: It’s imperative to engage social media influencers in this day and age. You can create engaging video content with multiple influencers and get the word out about your brand even faster.
  14. Better Email Campaigns: You can include short, thumb-stopping videos in your company emails, guaranteeing higher viewership!
  15. Easy Internal Training: You don’t need to hand out printed manuals to your employees if you need to teach them a new fundamental skill. All you have to do is create an explainer video or find one that’s pertinent online and your problem is solved!
  16. Top-of-Mind: Consistent and engaging video content will allow you to stay top-of-mind for your consumers.
  17. Increase Recall: Interactive videos will also increase your brand’s recall value for your consumers. People are more likely to remember something they have watched than something they read.
  18. Digital Events: It can sometimes be easier to host online events than create on-ground fetes for your consumers. You can easily plan digital events with video! All you need is a good video setup.
  19. Change the Narrative: If you want your consumers to know a particular factor you need to build your business narrative, impactful video marketing is the way to go!
  20. Damage Control: There might be times you need to explain something or defend your brand. What better way than to go live on video and allow consumers to connect with you in a wholesome way?

Video will only continue helping businesses grow and be relevant as time goes on. Don’t fall behind, get started on your video marketing today!

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